Thursday, January 26, 2012

Data structure interview questions Part 13

Q: What's the major distinction in between Storage structure and file structure
 and how?
A: The expression of an specific data structure inside memory of a computer system is termed storage structure in contrast to a storage structure expression in auxiliary memory is normally known as a file structure.

Q: Explain whether Linked List is actually linear or Non-linear data structure?
A: Link list is definitely obviously linear data structure simply because each and every element (NODE) acquiring specific place and as well each and every component has got its unique successor in addition to predecessor. furthermore, linear collection of data objects referred to as nodes and also the linear order is provided by means of pointers. Every node can be separated into two parts. First part includes information of the element and another part includes the address of the subsequent node in the list.

Q: Explain simulation?
 A: Simulation is the procedure for developing an fuzy model from a real situation so as to understand the effects of modifications and the effect of introducing a variety of techniques on the situation. It is a rendering with real life system by another system, which represents the important characteristics of real system and allows experiments on it.

Q: Does the minimum spanning tree of the graph provide the shortest distance between any two given nodes?
A: Minimal spanning tree ensures that the total weight of the tree is actually kept at its minimum but it really would not signify the distance between any two nodes involved in the minimum-spanning tree is actually minimum.

Q: In an AVL tree, at exactly what situation the balancing will be done?
A: If the pivotal value (or the Height factor) is above 1 or less than 1. If the balance factor of any node is other than 0 or 1 or -1 then balancing is completed. The balancing factor will be height. The variation in height of the right subtree along with right subtree need to be +1, -1 or 0

Q: What is the significant difference between ARRAY and STACK?
A: Stack ensues LIFO. Thus the item that is certainly first entered would be the last removed. In array the items could be entered or removed in any order. Basically each and every member access is done making use of index and no strict order is to be followed here to remove a particular element. Array could be multi dimensional or one dimensional but stack really should be one-dimensional.
Size of array is fixed, while stack may be grow or shrink. We can say stack is actually dynamic data structure.